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Does PCM Canada hire for part-time and fulltime positions?

All employees of PCM Canada operate under a fulltime work schedule of 40 hours per week. None of our positions are part time; however, we do hire temporary fulltime employees for project-based work.

Does PCM Canada accept applications in person?

PCM Canada is open to you applying in person to an open requisition only. If you choose to do so, please be sure to represent yourself in a professional manner by dressing business/business casual and do so only once per position.

When you arrive, you may ask reception for an available representative in recruitment. If we are available, we can take a few minutes to chat about your experience and the role. However, if we are not available, you may ask for our business card to contact us in follow-up.

Please note: it is important that you apply online to our applicant tracking system in addition to visiting our office.

How long will my application remain in the applicant tracking system? Can I update my profile?

The only way to apply to our organization is through an open posting. It is not possible to update your user profile. We recommend that you apply to relevant role with your updated profile. Your résumé will never get deleted from our system.

Do I have to submit a new application each time I apply for a position?

Yes. Our recruitment team looks for candidates through a variety of channels such as LinkedIn, referrals, and applicants that express their interest online through job boards. If a role is posted that is in line with your background and qualifications, please apply through the link provided. We check our applicant tracking system daily for active job seekers.